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Pain Services 


The medical community has come a long way in the understanding of pain, and it still has a long way to go.

Pain doesn’t really need a definition, because each of us experiences it in our own way, with our own suffering and severity. We know what pain is.

Pain as two primary insults


1. It hurts                                                                     

2. It robs us of our identity


There are very few things in life that have the ability to harm us physically, emotionally and also diminish our sense of self like pain does. It is a lasting and infectious trauma that impacts every aspect of our lives. How could we not be affected by this?


Pain is an inevitable part of life – we can’t avoid it, whether it is from loss, injury, or idiopathic (completely unknown to doctors) cause, but it does not have to take who we are with it.

Here at Autumn Leaf Therapeutic Services, we believe in a compassionate approach to pain. We know you have been to every specialist and through every test trying to find out why you hurt and how to make it go away. We know you are an expert on your experience, because you’ve had to become one.

We know when you have a good day, you do everything in your power to catch up on all of the parts of your life that have fallen behind, only to spend days in bed recovering from the effort.

We know you’re tired of the well intentioned advice by people to try this diet, this exercise, this colon cleanse, this supplement.


We know you’re tired of people asking you if you’re better and telling you that you look better even though you feel worse.


Overcoming pain, like overcoming trauma and other things in life that become a part of our experience and way of seeing the world, takes time, partnership, and compassion.

We are here to partner with you to better understand your pain, learn and develop effective tools for calming your nervous system, understand resources for improvement, and most importantly: be who you are in spite of your pain.


Please feel free to come to the FREE Pain 101 Education series offered by Dr. Ellis and Dr. Michael Bragiel, PT at the Salem Health Education Center (CHEC) - Building D, 939 Oak Street SE - Classroom #1 (first floor), a 6 week series offered beginning January, March, May, July, and September every year. To enroll, go to Click on "To sign up for a class, click here." at the bottom of the page. Go to "Classes and Forums" and you'll find Pain 101 there. Or you can call 503-814-2432 to enroll via phone.

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